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CP LowBB Strategy

Minimum investment

Our automated trading strategy was designed to work in the USDT pair market, which is a crypto-currency pair commonly used to trade digital assets in US dollars.


The strategy uses the LOWBB (Bollinger Bands Lower Band) indicator for the buy strategy, which is based on a candle period of 900 seconds and a length of 20. The LOWBB indicator plots a line below the current price of the traded asset and serves as a buy threshold. Thus, when the price of the asset falls below this curve, the strategy considers it time to buy.


The buy strategy is set up with a buy value, which is the set buy threshold, and a buy trailing, which is the percentage change in the asset price that must be reached before a purchase is made. The sell strategy, on the other hand, uses a sell value and profit tracker.


In addition, this strategy also includes DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) parameters, a strategy that involves buying an asset gradually over a period of time to reduce risk. The DCA parameters include a buy strategy based on profit percentage and a sell strategy based on a sell value and profit tracking.

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