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For any inquiries and support, we are at your disposal via chat.

How to register with Binance?

Here is an explanatory video regarding your registration on Binance.

Binance is today the world leader as a cryptocurrency exchanger

Earn 10% on your trading fees with this registration link:

How to open a Crypto FUTURES trading account?

How to Easily Open a Crypto Futures Trading Account on Binance

How to transfer your USDT to the FUTURES account?

No more than 2 minutes to transfer your USDT to Binance Futures account

In Futures trading, we participate in market movements and make profits by buying or selling a futures contract.

How to get your API key?

Remember to store your secret key in a safe place. It will no longer be displayed. (If you forget the secret key, you will have to delete the API and then recreate a new one.)

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