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Spot Metavers & NFT Strategy

Mines of Dalarnia DAR
Axie Infinity AXS
Smooth Love Potion SLP
Illuvium ILV
MyNeighborAlice ALICE
Chromia CHR
Decentraland MANA
BakeryToken BAKE
Terra Virtua Kolect TVK
Origin Protocol OGN
Enjin Coin ENJ
Chiliz CHZ
The Sandbox SAND
SuperRare RARE
Dego Finance
Cocos-Bcx COCOS
Fio Protocol FIO
Binary X BNX
Ethernity Chain ERN

This strategy only buys crypto that is part of the Metavers and NFTs industry. This strategy works with signals on the MACD, RSI and STOCH indicators.

This strategy is totally managed by our algorithm without human intervention.

On the buy side:

It makes use of PDHIGH and MACD to find upside breakouts.

It then confirms the breakout with STOCH and RSI by looking for signs of strength in the breakout.

On the sell side:

It makes use of PDHIGH to see if we are still in the upside breakout and uses GAIN to see if we hit our profit target.

It uses HIGHBB and RSI to ensure we have reached the top of the trade cycle for this round of price action.

It then trails the price action to ensure we maximise profits.

If you think Metavers and NFTs are the future, this is the bot for you!.

 From 59€ 

Minimum investment $USDT1.000
Average Profit: 326%
Max Drawdown: -35%

Unlimited trade

You stop when you want

Your funds available at any time

No skill required

Past performance are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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