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1 Bot for 1 month

• You stop when you want

• Your funds available at any time

• Performance fees are free under $USDT50.000 

• Our performance fees is 30% for $USDT100,000+ and 35% for $USDT50,000 quarterly High-Water Mark


The minimum investment for free subscription required is USDT $50,000.

For $USDT50.000 subscription and more, please send us the request exclusively by e-mail on, an advisor will contact you in order to provide all the necessary information.


In order to obtain optimum performance, we recommend a minimum commitment of one year.

Keep in mind that it is absolutely impossible to get a 100% winning trade, therefore you may start your experience negatively.

Bot Spot Crypto Micro Strategy

Price Options
Bot Crypto Micro
Your Cryptos Never Sleep !!!
€49.00every month until canceled
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